Recer’s new collection SENTIR PROJECTOS

The new Sentir Projectos collection is inspired by Mediterranean tiles. The concept of the collection is to recapture the memory of southern Europe tiles, through graphic and aesthetic skewers of the tile, in a current and modern approach.

Sentir Projectos follows a prevailing trend that ceramics is no stranger to: promoting personalisation, relaxation and creativity, to achieve modern environments using geometric patterns and colour, triggering emotion.

The Sentir Projectos collection is available in a 20x20 format and is available in four colours (blue, green, grey and black) and four designs (Avis, Bene, Duo and Par).

This series goes hand in hand with the Projectos collection (a historic collection for the brand) made up of 39 colours, 4 formats (20x20, 10x20, 15x15 and 10x10), 2 finishes (matt and non-slip) and now also 16 decorated pieces.

In addition to combining with the Projectos collection, Sentir Projectos is a collection that is very easy to combine with each other or with other series in the Recer range, such as wood, stone, cement or neutral floor and wall tiles.

"With the Sentir Projectos collection we have increased our range of SIB ("Small is Beautiful") collections. These are very versatile and highly decorative collections that offer countless combinations to create exclusive environments. One of the guiding principles of our brand in small format proposals is to have a diversified product offer with solutions for all consumer styles and different aesthetic approaches or technical needs. For us, ceramics is a form of expression," says Daniel Santos (Recer's Communication and Image Director).

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Daniel Santos

Diretor de Comunicação e Imagem

T: + 351 924 410 759


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