BMR: a major new addition to the SACMI Group

Effective as of 27 February, this operation completes the plan laid out in 2019 when SACMI obtained a 20% stake in the Scandiano-based company: a big step forwards for SACMI's strategy of enhancing and extending its range of solutions for the Tiles sector

As of 27 February 2023, BMR SpA is a fully-fledged SACMI company. This operation completes what was begun in 2019 when SACMI acquired a 20% share in the company (based in Scandiano, Reggio Emilia).

Already envisaged when SACMI entered BMR as a minority shareholder, the option of purchasing/selling residual shares was implemented as per the planned timeline. As the President of SACMI, Paolo Mongardi, explains, this reflects how “BMR fully shares the same business and industrial development goals”.

Founded in 1968, BMR is the industry’s leading supplier of Made in Italy technologies for squaring, cutting, lapping and ceramic surface treatment. In 2022, company revenues touched € 96 million.

As a SACMI partner - and, as of today, a bona fide Group company - BMR has enhanced the business/technological reach of the Tiles sector: it complements the SACMI plant engineering approach and offers solutions that meet the growing need to integrate every processing stage downstream from forming and firing.

BMR has 138 employees. Within the existing partnership framework, they’ve brought SACMI a wealth of technical skills, a solid reputation and valuable customers. Now, in this new set-up, those skills will prove to be more valuable than ever, marking BMR's definitive entry into the SACMI family.

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