New Opening in Shanghai – Bellagio Hotel

Sicis is proud to announce its upcoming opening in Shanghai, a new showroom hosted in the grandeur of the Bellagio Hotel. This it is the Hotel second opening after the historical one in Las Vegas, a place designed to become a landmark destination of the majestic city, suitable for major events, including movie awards, fashion shows and a reference point for a nationwide and international audience of the highest standards.

Sicis proposes its own contemporary-eclectic style in an exhibition space that has been designed following the new visionary concept pursued by the company, a true life-style, a sophisticated luxury, strongly linked to the best traditions of Italian design.

Sicis’ strength is in the space considered as a whole, where every piece of furniture is studied in detail, the colors and every finishing touch are cleverly paired with the walls and where we can find fabric tapestries in limited editions. Unique mosaics and decorations, even floors made of innovative materials, contribute to create an atmosphere of refined beauty yet at the same time warm and welcoming.
The opening of this unique ‘dwelling house’ further enhances the presence of Sicis in China in order to become a reference point for the Asian market, focusing both on the community of Architects and Designers and on the B2C market.

The expansion program in China includes, in Shanghai as well, the opening of a space dedicated to fabrics and combinations of furniture and surface materials in the largest Chinese showroom for indoor decorations: Euroart Maison . Other showrooms have also been inaugurated in Tianjin, Kunming and Shenzhen, and other openings in other Far Eastern cities are in progress.

Opening in December 2017