Ceramics meets design: Marca Corona opens new showroom created by Florence-based office DEFERRARI+MODESTI

Creative duo DEFERRARI+MODESTI is the mastermind behind Marca Corona’s showroom recently opened
in Sassuolo (Italy), in the heart of the world famous ceramic production district. The new exhibition space
tells the story of the Emilian company founded in 1741 and showcases one of Made in Italy’s flagships:

The aim of the project was to create a flexible and multifunctional box, where set design could be
modified, transformed or even completely revolutionized, according to various exhibition needs. The
Florence-based office squared up to the challenge by thinking in modules and freeing up the floor plan,
which is characterized by a dense texture of pre-existing pillars, and by installation and lighting systems.
The design follows an intuitive and functional logic, granting immediate exposure to the products’ features
and to the areas in which they are presented. Sculpted by modules, which form an ad-hoc alphabet of
elements to aggregate, compose, and juke at will, the exhibition path unfolds among the various collections
as an open and variable narrative.
Each module offers several keystrokes: from one that is dedicated to product setting, that suggests specific
moods, to another that gathers technical specifications, sizes and color palettes. An area that displays large
formats, moves to another characterized by a series of vertical displays, which showcases the special
pieces and decorations of all product ranges that feature in the catalog.
The eclectic combination of ceramic tradition and design translates into architecture in a project,
which goes beyond a showroom, to deliver a multifunctional space, ideal for meeting and training
opportunities, and which celebrates ceramics in all its declinations. A dynamic space where visitors can
touch the quality of Marca Corona’s renowned collections, which eternally evolve towards contemporary

For further information, please contact DEFERRARI+MODESTI’s Press Office: mint LIST (Giulia Milza, Maria
Azzurra Rossi) press@mintlist.info.