Leading international suppliers of residential and commercial interior products are lining up
INDEX North Africa as their chance to partner with key
local companies capable of importing and distributing their goods
throughout the continent.

Furnishing firms from across the world will descend on Casablanca, Morocco, this December
5-7 to liaise with Africa’s most influential architects,
property developers and interior experts at INDEX.

They will also be on the hunt for the continent’s most established and emerging distributors,
who can attend the three day exhibition as visitors and leave having shaken hands on global
supply partnerships worth potentially millions of dollars.

One of the firms jetting in for the design showcase are Writebest – Malaysia’s leading white board and notice board manufacturer, who have a 70% share of their local market. Demsi Jake, the company’s Export Executive, said: “As this will be our first time exhibiting in North Africa, we are positive that we will be able to showcase our products to new clients in the hopes of spreading our wings and hopefully generating new sales leads.

“We are not only looking for potential buyers but are very interested in looking for a dealer or a distributor to work with our brand. So far, we have exported to over 30 countries and counting.” He added: “We are always looking to expand our brand of products to new markets and therefore have chosen North Africa as our next stop. We participate in trade shows yearly and meeting new people to be a way to develop a better market understanding. We are relatively strong in the Middle East and ASEAN markets and would love to develop our business in the form of new experiences and opportunities.

If we are able to break into the market in North Africa, that will vastly widen our presence in the region.” Working in an industry dictated by ever-changing trends, Writebest feel that the key to ensuring prime customer service is in offering buyers close assistance at every turn and being able to provide tailored products unique to that one customer’s specific needs.

Mr Jake said: “We believe style evolves and most people prefer sticking to the latest trends. Though designs may stay the same, individual styles can differ from types of color, fabric and material, which play a huge difference in interior furnishing. “Writebest have always strived for quality instead of quantity. We focus on maintaining quality and are constantly in contact with customers, enabling customization of products based on their requirements, therefore catering to special markets and differentiating us from the rest of the players in the industry.”